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College faces new wrongful termination suit a month after others

For one college system, it has been a series of one bad grade after another. According to media sources, the school finds itself facing news of a second lawsuit over an alleged wrongful termination just one month after several other former employees filed a similar civil suit. Though this school is not located in California, there may be educators here who have faced these types of circumstances.

The trouble first began when an investigation into the college's financial records reportedly revealed that the school had not paid millions in payroll taxes for the past several years. This allegedly led to the school's officials looking for cost-saving measures in order to make payments on the estimated $20 million in tax arrears. Though officials stated that personnel were not terminated due to the financial misappropriations, more than a dozen former employees have now filed a civil suit against the institution.

The former president who was in charge during the time the taxes were not paid submitted her resignation after the oversight was discovered. The board of trustees took several cost-cutting measures that reportedly led to approximately 70 employees losing their jobs, including 10 who were tenured faculty employees. The school also sold off undisclosed assets and launched fund-raising efforts.

The wrongful termination suits name the board of trustees, the interim president and the institution itself. The most recent suit was filed by a former director who claims her firing violated her contract and is seeking both damages and a severance package. School officials have denied the allegations and stated the decisions to lay off employees was for the overall welfare of the students, and faculty needs were given consideration. Just as these employees are seeking justice for what they believe was an unjust loss of employment, California residents can likewise seek a remedy through the civil court system if an employer is believed to have violated their employment rights under current state laws. An experienced employment law attorney may provide guidance in how best to proceed in these matters.

Source:, "Report: College Of New Rochelle Facing Second Wrongful Termination Lawsuit", Zak Failla, Nov. 4, 2017

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