November 2017 Archives

EEOC claim process updated for easier access for workers

Recently, the media sources have been deluged with stories concerning high-profile individuals who have been accused of committing various types of sexual harassment. Earlier in November, the EEOC announced that it had introduced a new website that may make it easier for California workers to report harassment on the job. Though the move was unrelated to the current spate of reports concerning inappropriate behaviors, the new process may encourage victims to file an EEOC claim in the event they have faced discrimination or harassment on the job.

Several courts divided on employment dispute with Uber drivers

The growth of ride-sharing apps has been a boon for some and a source of confusion for others. There have been several recent court battles, including here in California, concerning separate employment dispute lawsuits that have been filed against Uber. The growing popularity of these types of sharing applications may be negatively impacted once this dispute is eventually settled.

College faces new wrongful termination suit a month after others

For one college system, it has been a series of one bad grade after another. According to media sources, the school finds itself facing news of a second lawsuit over an alleged wrongful termination just one month after several other former employees filed a similar civil suit. Though this school is not located in California, there may be educators here who have faced these types of circumstances.

Public employees protest proposed changes to employment contract

For the past several years, states have had to try to cut budgets in order to ensure that public services can function in spite of purportedly decreased revenues. Unfortunately, many of those proposed budget cuts will affect those who work in the public sector, and this may include modifying an existing employment contract for many. However, any time these changes are proposed, workers here in California and elsewhere do have the right to seek an alternative remedy.

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