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Some university workers in payment dispute after storm closing

The recent rash of hurricanes that swept across parts of the country left untold damage and lasting reminders for thousands of people. However, while many people have been adversely affected, there are some who are claiming that their lost wages have left them in financial dire straights, which has prompted a payment dispute with their university employer. These workers are not employed in California, but it is possible that there have been similar issues that have occurred for certain employees here whenever unforeseen events arise.

The dispute is between some workers who are classified as temporary part-time employees and universities in another state. According to the complaint, the schools paid full-time workers for the days the facilities were closed during Hurricane Irma. A representative from the county's Labor Coalition made contact with the university's human resources department to lodge a complaint that these employees lost out on approximately three days of wages, though several had been employed with the school for many years. Furthermore, the complaint stated that the university's budget was already passed, and the funds for those employees' salaries have been allocated.

Furthermore, the representative stated that Florida State University stands to benefit by an estimated $500,000 by not disbursing these employees' salaries. One worker who expressed dismay at the financial hardship was purportedly referred to a charitable organization. The Labor Coalition has worked tirelessly to secure better wages for many employees in Florida, and many of the city, county and school system workers have benefited from those efforts.

The university responded by stressing the institution's long-standing policy of only paying temporary workers for the hours they are actually on-the-clock. The labor representative has expressed his intention to pursue this case in the hopes of changing that policy for this class of OPS (Other Personnel Services) workers. While this payment dispute does not affect workers here in California, employees who believe they have been subjected to unfair wages or other labor law violations are entitled to seek a remedy. An experienced employment law professional can provide valuable assistance in these matters.

Source:, "Dispute brews over UF's pay for part-time, temp workers", Oct. 7, 2017

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