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Former NFL player sues New York Jets for wrongful termination

In the world of professional sports, players are drafted, traded and otherwise juggled around for a variety of reasons, and in spite of a talented player's contributions to his team, an athlete may find himself off a team with little explanation as to why. As California fans are aware, these players often turn up elsewhere unless his reputation has suffered undue harm. Recently, a player has filed a claim against his former team alleging he was a victim of a wrongful termination.

The player, Erin Henderson, started his football career in high school. He continued on to a college team where he made a name for himself as a top linebacker. He later signed as an undrafted player for the Vikings. During his time with that team, he was arrested and charged for two incidents of driving under the influence of alcohol. He was subsequently released from the team and was later signed by the Jets.

At some point during his career with this team, he approached the coaches and confided in them that he suffers from bi-polar disorder. After being placed on an injury list that was not related to football, Henderson claims that his reputation and options for being picked up by another professional team were irreparably damaged. He claims that the designation that the team assigned to him gave the wrong impression that he was not permitted to play due to more alcohol related issues, thereby resulting in other teams opting not to sign him.

Henderson claims that the refusal of the team to activate his option as a player for the 2017 season cost him an estimated $3 million. His civil suit alleges that the team's management refused to make accommodations for his disability and that has resulted in him sustaining monetary damages. This man has sought to protect his employment rights through the civil court system. California residents who believe they have been a victim of a wrongful termination are likewise entitled to seek a remedy and a seasoned employment law professional can guide them in the process.

Source:, "Erin Henderson files suit against Jets for wrongful termination", Sept. 29, 2017

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