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According to workers' payment dispute, Disney not a fun workplace

Almost every child in America has dreamed about visiting either Disney World or Disneyland here in California. However, according to union officials embroiled in a payment dispute, the entertainment destination may not be the workplace of dreams. Employees of Disney World are fighting for better wages and more favorable work conditions; however, it is unknown if the current protest also involves workers in Disneyland. 

Recently employees and union officials took part in a picket line in order to protest the current $10 an hour wage that employees are earning. According to both past and present workers, that wage makes it difficult to make ends meet in their geographic and economic conditions. In spite of reports that Disney earned an estimated $52.4 billion in profits for 2016, officials have offered only a 5 percent increase in salaries over the next 24 months. Earlier this year, the company was ordered to pay back wages of an estimated $3.8 million in order to reimburse approximately 16,000 workers who were forced to purchase their own costumes. Due to the expense of purchasing this equipment, many workers earned less that the minimum wage, which was a violation for federal wage laws.

Workers have also alleged that the company's policy of low salaries requires them to work long hours in order to meet living expenses. Furthermore, employees have accused the company of refusing workers time off regardless of the length of notice for the request. They further claim that their employer attempts to exert undue influence over workers' personal time in order to retain the personalities of the characters they portray.

The protest occurred outside of the entrances to the theme parks and lasted for approximately two hours until law enforcement officials threatened to press charges against union representatives for neglecting to obtain a permit. Both sides have agreed to extend the current contract until December of this year, which will give them more time to try and resolve their differences in this payment dispute. When California workers find themselves in any contract dispute that they are unable to resolve, they are entitled to seek further information from a seasoned employment law professional who may be able to help reach a satisfactory resolution.

Source:, "Disney Union Workers Continue Fight For $15 An Hour", Michael Sainato, Oct. 27, 2017

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