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Complaints over racial discrimination result in EEOC claim

Every employee is entitled to a discrimination-free workplace regardless of one's race, creed or marital status. If an employee feels that a fellow worker or employer has violated these rights in any way, he or she is entitled to file an EEOC claim in order to seek a remedy to the unsettling situation. California workers are assured of their rights to pursue an agreeable resolution through any methods available to them.

Recently, two women filed a claim with their local branch of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission after suffering years of alleged racial discrimination. The two women, who have been employed for several years with the water department for their state, have claimed that a co-worker has subjected both of them to several degrading comments concerning their marital relationships. Both women are purportedly married to African-American men while they are of different races.

They claim to have filed multiple complaints with their supervisors, their state's Equal Opportunity Department and the state's attorney's office. However, each case was either dismissed for lack of evidence or due to allegations that the time span for reporting harassment had expired. However, a local supervisor in the EOD office stated that the EEOC filing has resulted in a new investigation being opened by the local office.

It has also been reported that another employee had been subjected to similar racial harassment in the recent past. That case purportedly involved a male employee who was also in an inter-racial marriage. The employee who has been accused of engaging in the discrimination has not offered any statements, and it is unknown if he or she has been subjected to any disciplinary measures at this time. A California employee who faces any type of discrimination or other unfair workplace practices are likewise entitled to file an EEOC claim. In addition, an employment law attorney may provide further information that may result in the best resolution possible.

Source:, "City of Phoenix employees allege years of extreme racial discrimination", Dave Biscobing, Sept. 20, 2017

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