September 2017 Archives

Union workers prepare to strike after employment contract dispute

Unions first came into existence as a way to ensure that workers' rights were protected. These organizations still serve a vital purpose, especially in situations where workers and employers are unable to reach an accord during an employment contract dispute. These unions work hard to ensure that employees are not forced to concede key points when its time for contracts to be renewed. It is likely that many California workers have been well represented by their unions in these circumstances. 

Complaints over racial discrimination result in EEOC claim

Every employee is entitled to a discrimination-free workplace regardless of one's race, creed or marital status. If an employee feels that a fellow worker or employer has violated these rights in any way, he or she is entitled to file an EEOC claim in order to seek a remedy to the unsettling situation. California workers are assured of their rights to pursue an agreeable resolution through any methods available to them.

Department of Justice takes position on employment discrimination

California workers may be entitled to pursue legal action whenever they believe they suffered any type of workplace discrimination. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 established that employers may not refuse to hire, terminate or otherwise discriminate against an employee based on race, religion or sex, in addition to creed or country of origin. However, at present the Act does not specifically address employment discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Veteran files wrongful termination claim against sheriff's office

When one serves his or her country through the armed forces, he or she is entitled to certain protections under federal laws. However, there are situations that arise when an employee believes those rights were violated through an alleged wrongful termination. California veterans or other workers who believe they have faced any discrimination are assured of their rights to seek a just resolution. 

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