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Workers protest having their employment compensation trashed

A segment of workers for the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts have filed a formal protest against these departments. They claim that the agency is unfairly withholding employment compensation without justification. The dispute hinges on the fact that this segment of workers does not have a valid contract in place at this time. Just as other California workers are entitled to do, these employees are attempting to preserve their rights to a just salary and fair workplace practices according to state employment laws.

The complaint is based on allegations that the departments are required to issue cost-of-living adjustments every year at the beginning of the new fiscal year – which is July 1st. However, even though a human resources worker stated that other classification of workers received these pay adjustments, the professional division, which includes technicians, supervisors and engineers, does not qualify since this contract has not been agreed upon. However, the workers union has protested and said the failure to provide the increases indicates a change in the affected employees' work conditions.

Union officials stated that the districts are required to provide the adjustment regardless of whether a new contract is in place. These increases have been issued annually since 2005. The cost-of-living raises are tied into the Consumer Price index and average between 0.5 and 3 percent. Two other segments of workers were granted 2.75 percent and approximately 3 percent pay increases.

Several months ago, for the first time in approximately 40 years, employees for the Sanitation Department in one location in California participated in a picket line protest. This protest was based on proposed reductions in pension contributions which would result in a pay reduction for all affected employees. It is unknown how these employment compensation matters will be resolved. However, California workers are entitled to file a claim against any employer who is believed to be engaging in unfair or unlawful workplace practices in order to protect their rights. An experienced employment law attorney can provide further information concerning the best resolutions for these situations.

Source:, "Professional employees say LA County Sanitation Districts is unfairly withholding pay bump", Steve Scauzillo, July 31, 2017

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