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Steelworkers claim need for better employment contracts

In many sectors, the job market struggled to rebound from the recession that hit several years ago. At that time, workers often were forced to accept less than ideal employment contracts in order to continue to bring home a paycheck. However, many industries have seen a resurgence in production, and as such, workers here in California and elsewhere may now have more reasons to seek better terms in upcoming contract renewals.

Steelworkers in one state recently organized a rally in order to draw attention to the need for modifications in their upcoming contract renewals. These workers have been in negotiations with their employer for the past several weeks in an effort to seek improvements in their labor agreements. These employees, who are represented by a steelworkers' union, claim they are requesting an end to an unfair wage system, better pay and contracts that are more fair.

According to one spokesperson, the employer is offering only a modest pay increase while seeking undisclosed changes to both the health and pension plans. The company changed ownership in 2011 and is purportedly experiencing a busy production time with an associated increase in the number of employment hours. Though the current contract is nearing its expiration, the union has not yet called for members to go on strike.

In 2008, workers were off the job for over two months while they negotiated a new contract with the company's owners at that time. They eventually approved a five-year contract that ended an acrimonious dispute. It is unclear how the current situation will be resolved. California workers who are nearing the end of their employment contracts or are experiencing job related difficulties are entitled to seek the assistance of an experienced employment law attorney in order to ensure that their rights to a safe and equitable workplace are protected.

Source:, "Latrobe steelworkers rally for 'fair contract'", Joe Napsha, July 20, 2017

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