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EEOC claim results in Ford paying an estimated $10 million

Securing employment as a factory worker with one of the top car manufacturers may seem like a dream come true for many. However, while there are many benefits to working for such a company, there may also be a dark side that could warrant the need to file an EEOC claim. Recently, the Ford Motor Company reportedly entered into an agreement to settle claims for an estimated $10 million. Although this settlement does not include any California locations, workers here may benefit from learning more of what the claim entailed.

The recent settlement with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission came about as a way to possibly forestall a federal lawsuit that was filed over alleged racial and sexual harassment that purportedly occurred at two separate plants in another state. According to an investigation by the EEOC, there was sufficient cause to pursue the harassment claim concerning women and African-American employees at the two plants. The agreement sets up a fund of an estimated $7.75 million to settle any claims of harassment which can be increased up to $10.125 million as needed to cover both damages and any taxes that may be incurred.

Ford stated that it made the decision to enter into an agreement voluntarily, and it that it does not represent an admission of liability. The 60-month agreement also includes the provisions that Ford executives will conduct regular training workshops on anti-harassment policies as well as ensuring that on-site monitoring will occur. The company will also provide the EEOC with regular quarterly updates on any harassment complaints.

A legal representative for more than two dozen alleged victims protested that the agreement between the government agency and Ford does not go far enough to compensate victims, nor does it ensure that there are no further incidences of harassment or retaliation. This individual stated his intention to seek modifications to the agreement through the courts. California workers who likewise believe they have been victims of discrimination or harassment are entitled to file their own EEOC claim. They are further assured of the right to seek the assistance of an experienced attorney in order to protect their rights throughout the process.

Source: Chicago Tribune, "Ford settles sexual, racial harassment claims at Chicago plants for $10 million", Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz, Aug. 17, 2017

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