August 2017 Archives

Lawmakers act to ensure workers receive just payment for time

In spite of the fact that every state has its own wage and hours laws, there are still many employees who are victims of wage theft. However, federal lawmakers recently took action to ensure that workers receive just payment for the hours they work. If the new bill is passed, it would benefit workers in every state, including California.

EEOC claim results in Ford paying an estimated $10 million

Securing employment as a factory worker with one of the top car manufacturers may seem like a dream come true for many. However, while there are many benefits to working for such a company, there may also be a dark side that could warrant the need to file an EEOC claim. Recently, the Ford Motor Company reportedly entered into an agreement to settle claims for an estimated $10 million. Although this settlement does not include any California locations, workers here may benefit from learning more of what the claim entailed.

Former employees file wrongful termination against state official

After every election, if an incumbent has been ousted, there are likely many changes made in the old administration. However, while newly elected officials may prefer to make personnel changes, there are times when these decisions may result in a wrongful termination claim. There may be many California workers who lost long-term positions based on a seemingly personal agenda.

Workers protest having their employment compensation trashed

A segment of workers for the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts have filed a formal protest against these departments. They claim that the agency is unfairly withholding employment compensation without justification. The dispute hinges on the fact that this segment of workers does not have a valid contract in place at this time. Just as other California workers are entitled to do, these employees are attempting to preserve their rights to a just salary and fair workplace practices according to state employment laws.

Steelworkers claim need for better employment contracts

In many sectors, the job market struggled to rebound from the recession that hit several years ago. At that time, workers often were forced to accept less than ideal employment contracts in order to continue to bring home a paycheck. However, many industries have seen a resurgence in production, and as such, workers here in California and elsewhere may now have more reasons to seek better terms in upcoming contract renewals.

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