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Sales exec for Kargo awarded millions in wrongful termination

A former senior vice president of sales for the advertising company, Kargo, filed for arbitration against her former employer. The judge who examined her case recently decided in the woman's favor in her wrongful termination case. While many companies require employees to sign arbitration agreements, California employment laws are not favorable toward this option.

In this particular case, the woman was hired in 2012 as a sales vice president for a regional area. According to documents submitted during the arbitration, she was instrumental in increasing the company's earnings from $5 million in 2012 to more than $35 million after three years of employment. She was promoted and paid performance bonuses during this time. However, based on one complaint of the sales force under her supervision, in February of 2016, she was informed that the company was investigating her performance as an executive.

During that same month, she received a $100,000 bonus meant as an incentive to remain with the company. Within weeks of this bonus, she was informed that she must make improvements in her management style or face possible termination. During this time, the vice president complied with her boss' demands, and employees reported an improvement in their work environment. In spite of this, she was demoted and then placed on leave when she refused to accept the demotion.

During this time, she filed an EEOC complaint, and she was subsequently fired purportedly over an interview with another company. The company disputed all of the claims, but the judge found that the woman was a victim of a wrongful termination as well as sexual discrimination over the course of her employment. She was awarded more than $40 million from her former employer, though the company will likely appeal that decision. California workers who believe they have been a victim of an unjust termination or other discriminatory actions are entitled to seek recourse through the court systems.

Source:, "Former Kargo sales exec awarded $40 million in arbitration over sexual discrimination, wrongful termination", Kristina Monllos, June 8, 2017

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