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Flight attendants frustrated over payment dispute with American

When companies merge and absorb the employees, they often make concessions to those workers in order to facilitate a smooth merger. However, not every company will honor those verbal agreements, and workers may find themselves in a payment dispute with the new management. Since California is home to so many new companies, it is likely that workers here have found themselves in their own disagreements over pay or other issues that were difficult to resolve without the assistance of professionals.

In 2014, as part of the merger with US Airways, American Airlines purportedly entered into a collective bargaining accord that included a payment negotiation. The union for flight attendants worked to ensure that these employees would receive an 8 percent pay hike. However, when the two sides were unable to reach a workable accord, the issue went to arbitration. There it was decided to award flight attendants a 1.6 percent pay raise.

Union representatives expressed disapproval over the decision. They stated that American's flight attendants should earn pay that is comparable to Delta Airlines, which purportedly leads the industry in compensation for these vital employees. The management for American Airlines rebutted the claims that attendants are not well paid, as it raised salaries more than 6 percent last year and is going to make the most recent pay adjustment retroactive to last September. Employees will supposedly receive a lump payment to reflect the new pay rates.

Union officials claimed that flight attendants should have been awarded a pay increase of more than 14 percent in order to make their pay comparable to Delta's. American Airline pilots are now purportedly gearing up for their own battle for a pay increase, though management has not indicated that it is willing to enter into negotiations at the present time. California workers who are embroiled in a payment dispute or other issues related to their employment contracts are entitled to find a remedy through the assistance of an employment law attorney.

Source:, "'Insulting': American Airlines flight attendants lose pay raise dispute", Bill Hethcock, April 19, 2017

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