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Court agrees to revisit employment discrimination case from 2010

In 2010, a man who was employed by a skydiving company filed a suit against his employer alleging that he was unlawfully terminated. The suit was filed on the basis that his termination was based on employment discrimination. The case was not filed here in California, but it may set a precedent depending on the outcome.

Court affords miners first victory in ongoing employment dispute

In 1946, coal miners were guaranteed the right to have pension and health benefits for life. Throughout the intervening years, this right has been protected, though recent threats to that right have resulted in the union and miners being involved in a protracted employment dispute with the company that provides these benefits. While this particular battle does not primarily apply to California workers, the final decision could have an impact on future battles over benefits for other industries.

Constructive termination may be a matter for litigation

Ever since you pointed out that mistake your co-worker made, your work days turned into a nightmare. You were insulted, slighted and you believed your work was unfairly critiqued on a regular basis. It got to the point that you could not possibly endure one more day and you had to resign. This might be considered a constructive termination, and in California, you may be able to fight back.

Passengers grounded in the middle of employment contract dispute

The majority of the time, when an employee and a company cannot come to terms, no one outside of the conflict is impacted. However, there are situations when California residents are directly affected by the fallout of an employment contract dispute. Such may be the case in the current disagreement between pilots and Spirit Airlines.

Flight attendants frustrated over payment dispute with American

When companies merge and absorb the employees, they often make concessions to those workers in order to facilitate a smooth merger. However, not every company will honor those verbal agreements, and workers may find themselves in a payment dispute with the new management. Since California is home to so many new companies, it is likely that workers here have found themselves in their own disagreements over pay or other issues that were difficult to resolve without the assistance of professionals.

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