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Tomi Lahren files wrongful termination suit against Glenn Beck

Television and radio commentators may often be expected to fit a certain image that their followers have formed of them. When one goes off script, so to speak, the backlash can harm his or her reputation and career in the various forms of media.  Though the case was not filed in California, it was announced recently, that Tomi Lahren has filed a wrongful termination suit against Glenn Beck and the Blaze.

According to court documents, the television personality had a guest appearance on the talk show "The View" last month. During the course of the on-air discussion, she purportedly made some personal statements concerning her opinion on a social issue. Right after that guest spot, Ms. Lahren stated that she was informed that her show was being suspended for seven days. However, at some point, presumably during that suspension, she was informed that she was being terminated.

Ms. Lahren's legal representative stated that she did not wish to pursue a civil case against her employer, but she felt that she had no choice in the matter. In a public remark for the Blaze, a spokesperson stated that the lawsuit was without merit as the employee is still receiving compensation according to the terms of her contract. In answer to that claim, the lawsuit alleges that the company is paying the woman only until it can find a legal means to revoke the contract.

In addition to the wrongful termination, the civil suit alleges that Ms. Lahren's employer conducted a campaign against her that has damaged her ability to connect with her followers. She further claims that neither Mr. Beck nor the Blaze has the right to dictate where or when she can state her personal opinions. Just as this woman has done, California workers who believe they have been a victim of an unjust termination have the right to file a civil suit against their employer in an effort to seek compensation for the lost wages and any other monetary damages they may have sustained.

Source:, "Tomi Lahren sues Glenn Beck and The Blaze for wrongful termination", Frank Pallotta, April 7, 2017

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