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Segment of AT&T workers went on strike for payment dispute

AT&T is one of the world's largest telecommunications companies, employing tens of thousands of workers in its many division locations. Recently, approximately 17,000 union workers went on strike to protest several issues including a payment dispute. While the strike was resolved in relatively short order, customers in California may have experienced delays in some service requests.

The workers were protesting several issues, including the lack of a working contract for close to a year. Furthermore, workers claimed that their job responsibilities increased while their pay has decreased comparatively. The workers who went on strike were hired to install and maintain certain television services, but they are also expected to work on landline phone infrastructure, though they purportedly are not compensated equitably.

Along with the grievance over the purported pay disparity, union representatives stated that workers are protesting the loss of call center jobs that have reportedly been sent to overseas workers. Additionally, more health care costs have been shifted to workers, and job advancement opportunities are reportedly not available. AT&T representatives deny the union's claims and stated that the company is supportive of unions as it has worked with thousands of union employees.

The strike was resolved within a few days, and technicians were back on the job in California and Nevada. It is unclear if all of the workers' grievances had been resolved. Any employee who finds that he or she is at an impasse over a payment dispute or any other contract disagreement may consult with an employment law professional, who may be able to help the employee resolve the matter in the most efficient and equitable manner possible.

Source:, "17,000 AT&T Technicians Go On Strike Amid Contract Dispute", Mary Beth Quirk, March 22, 2017

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