April 2017 Archives

Mattress company agrees to fines and changes after EEOC claim

Sealy Mattress is often synonymous with a restful night. However, after an investigation into an EEOC claim, the company is looking at making some changes in the way employees are treated. California companies may also face these claims in the event that an employee has been the victim of discrimination in one form or another.

Emergency dispatchers caught up in employment contract dispute

One of the worst outcomes imaginable could result if a person experiencing a true emergency isn't able to reach help when calling 9-1-1. However, when these critical employees are caught up in an employment contract dispute, this could possibly happen if no one is left to answer these pleas for assistance. Every county in California, as well as every other state, has a center that employs these dedicated workers.

Tomi Lahren files wrongful termination suit against Glenn Beck

Television and radio commentators may often be expected to fit a certain image that their followers have formed of them. When one goes off script, so to speak, the backlash can harm his or her reputation and career in the various forms of media.  Though the case was not filed in California, it was announced recently, that Tomi Lahren has filed a wrongful termination suit against Glenn Beck and the Blaze.

Segment of AT&T workers went on strike for payment dispute

AT&T is one of the world's largest telecommunications companies, employing tens of thousands of workers in its many division locations. Recently, approximately 17,000 union workers went on strike to protest several issues including a payment dispute. While the strike was resolved in relatively short order, customers in California may have experienced delays in some service requests.

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