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Labor company, Manpower, sued for wrongful termination

Every worker who resides in California has the right to seek justice if he or she believes that an employer violated one's rights in one way or another. A woman recently filed a wrongful termination suit against her employer. She claims her employer failed to protect her rights to lawful accommodations.

Missing Oxford comma crucial factor in payment dispute

When employers and employees fail to agree on important matters, the issue may be difficult to resolve without workers taking the matter to the courts. When the issue involves a payment dispute, it may be even more likely that the workers will fight for their right to fair compensation. California employees can seek professional assistance whenever they believe that their rights are being circumnavigated.

Some see proposed law as way of subverting employee rights

If an employee experiences difficulties on the job or with terms of that employment, a conversation with the boss or with human resources can often resolve the problem. However, every worker has the right to consider litigation if employee rights appear to have been violated. While most California workers still have this right, employees in another state may face limitations on their right to seek legal recourse through the civil justice system.

Company settles EEOC claim for $30,600 in discrimination suit

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was established by the federal government in an attempt to ensure employees and applicants were not unfairly discriminated against for issues related to race, marital status, creed or disability. When an employee or applicant believes that he or she has been a victim of discrimination, he or she may file an EEOC claim. This agency operates in every state, including California, and has aided thousands of workers.

State blames employment contract dispute in California for issues

When workers are experiencing difficulties with an employer, the issue can have far-reaching effects. An employment contract dispute can cause ripples throughout the industry or community in which the conflict is occurring. However, successfully negotiating or litigating these disputes can ensure that workers' rights are protected in the long run.

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