Woman files suit against the NFL over employment compensation

Working for the National Football League is often a dream for not just boys but for many girls as well. Every year, the media reports on the multi-million dollar contracts that the top players receive. However, it may come as a surprise to football fans living in California to know that, according to one recent civil suit, the cheerleaders for these teams do not receive any where near the level of employment compensation as the players or even enough to live on in most cases.

The woman who filed this civil suit is seeking to have all of her fellow cheerleaders join in a class action suit against each of the 32 teams and owners. The suit claims that the owners worked in concert to suppress the wages of these women athletes. The woman stated that the NFL paid a flat-rate per game and that cheerleaders were not permitted to compete for higher pay among the teams or even those not associated with the organization.

The woman asserts that cheerleaders are the corporate identity for the teams that they are employed by and, as such, should be justly compensated. The suit is seeking an estimated $100 to $300 million in damages for the monetary damages that she and the other women sustained as a result for the alleged conspiracy to keep wages low. The team this woman cheered for contracts its cheerleaders through a third party, which was not named as part of this lawsuit.

Two NFL teams have already settled with their former cheerleaders over this matter. A representative of the NFL has declined to make a statement concerning this issue. Any California worker who believes that he or she has not received fair employment compensation has the same right to consult an experienced attorney and file a civil lawsuit in an attempt to recover monetary damages.

Source: pro32.ap.org, "Ex-cheerleader sues NFL over low wages", Christopher Weber, Feb. 1, 2017

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