January 2017 Archives

Supreme Court to rule on workers' rights in employment disputes

Unions were created to help protect the rights of employees and establish fair workplace practices. However there has been a trend lately to try and subvert employees' rights to file a group action against a company that has failed to meet certain employment agreements. A coming U.S. Supreme Court decision could affect the lives of workers here in California and everywhere else.

Former police official, mayor caught in employment dispute

Small town life is often portrayed as idyllic. However, reality is seldom like the ideal, and one small town is currently in turmoil over an employment dispute between the former chief of police and the mayor and council. While this particular legal fight is not occurring in California, this type of disagreement is not limited to any one profession or geographic area.

Jury decides in favor of EEOC claim; awards woman

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was established to safeguard the rights of employees and applicants no matter the type of employment and situation. The federal agency can bring a complaint against an employer for any allegation that a worker's rights to be protected from discrimination were violated. Any worker in California who believes he or she has been a victim of discrimination can contact the agency and an EEOC claim can be filed.

Man files wrongful termination suit against town's mayor

Obtaining employment in one's chosen field is the goal that most workers hope to achieve. Once satisfactory employment has been secured, most people probably do not worry about falling victim to a wrongful termination. Unfortunately, there are times when workers find themselves fired without clear justification. While not every instance qualifies as an unwarranted termination, California residents do have rights to seek redress in certain circumstances.

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