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Coach's wrongful termination case reaffirmed for now

When one works hard to accomplish his or her goals, it can be devastating when something happens to knock an employee out of the game. One woman has experienced just such a blow when a college made a move to fire one of its most successful women coaches. She subsequently filed a wrongful termination suit against her former employer, the California State University system. A judge in the case recently reaffirmed a jury's verdict in her favor.

The woman, who has been described as the most successful woman basketball coach in the school's history, was terminated without notice back in 2013 with several years left on her contract. She claimed in her suit that she was terminated due to the fact that she was a self-described whistle-blower in regards to alleged wrong-doing concerning Title IX funding violations. Her contract stipulated that she was to earn approximately $220,000 plus bonuses per year. She filed suit for lost wages and claims that she was fired in an act of retaliation.

In September of this year, a jury decided in the woman's favor and awarded her more than $3.3 million in lost pay and financial damages. The college immediately filed an appeal requesting another trial and for the judgment to be overturned. The judge in the case has reaffirmed the jury verdict for now but will rule on the college's motions shortly. If the judge upholds his previous rulings, the university will have the options of appealing, settling or fulfilling the jury's verdict of payment of the estimated $3.35 million.

This woman has since secured another job as a coach though the position does not pay as well as her previous position. If the judge upholds her wrongful termination suit, then she will at least recover from the economic harm she suffered. Like this coach, every employee in California has similar rights to file suit against an employer in the event one believes that he or she has also been a victim of a wrongful termination.  An attorney can provide further helpful information regarding these stressful situations.

Source:, "Judge in former San Diego State coach Beth Burns' case files tentative rulings to deny California State University system's motion to abandon $3.35 million verdict", Dec. 2, 2016

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