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Understanding employee rights after termination

When a person in California is terminated from employment, he or she often goes through a difficult and uncertain time. If fired, it could benefit most workers to understand their employee rights. Also, it could be helpful for employees to understand what resources they have available for assistance during this time of transition.

What is constructive termination?

Most employers in California are diligent in their efforts to provide every employee with a working environment that is free from discrimination, harassment and retaliation. Unfortunately, there are times when a work environment becomes so intolerable that a worker feels the only course of action is to resign. This is called constructive termination.

Former CEO involved in major employment dispute

One of the main reasons for the laws governing employment practices is to protect workers from superiors who abuse their power in the workplace. It is disheartening to consider, but these abuses still persist in many companies in California and elsewhere throughout the country. Recently, a lawsuit was filed against a former CEO and major political supporter, alleging a serious employment dispute.

Guidelines for workers facing employment discrimination

There are broad federal and state regulations that protect workers from inequity in the workplace. Employment discrimination can take a number of forms in California, such as when employers show bias based upon race, sex, disability, religion and a host of other protected classes. In these circumstances, there are steps workers may take to ensure that their rights are protected.

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