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Significant win for fast food workers in employment compensation

The majority of fast food restaurants in California and elsewhere in the country are operated as franchises. In this business arrangement, a contract is made between the parent company and a franchisee, which generally requires that the franchisee pay a fixed, up-front cost and a continual percentage of sales. Typically, the franchisee is responsible for day-to-day business decisions, including the amount paid for employment compensation. However, a recent district court ruling may set a legal precedent that allows workers to file actions against a parent company if they do not feel their wages are paid appropriately.

New marijuana law could create employment discrimination disputes

In the past few years, medical and recreational marijuana use has become legal in many states. Rapidly changing laws that vary between states have created many legal issues and span a variety of different areas of the law. The decision that California lawmakers make in this matter could result in employment discrimination disputes.

Fox News personality sues for wrongful termination and harassment

Though illegal, workplace sexual harassment still occurs fairly often in the U.S. and in California. Though it may seem insurmountable for one worker to face a large corporation, many such lawsuits have been successfully litigated.  A recent complaint filed against Fox News highlights the fact that men and women have options when faced with wrongful termination, even in high profile cases against a major news organization.

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