LGBT workers win major victory in employment discrimination suit

As the LGBT community continues to grow throughout the country, it is becoming rarer to hear of overt harassment of employees based upon sexual orientation. The state of California has enacted laws that prohibit employment discrimination based upon a person's sexual orientation. This was enacted to safeguard workers from wrongful termination that is based solely upon whether they are heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or transgender.

A recent article reports that The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has recently settled a landmark lawsuit that could set legal precedent for workers across the country. A statement made by the EEOC stated that Pallet Companies has agreed to pay approximately $182,000 to a worker who alleged that she was fired in retaliation after lodging complaints against her supervisor. The supervisor apparently made several derogatory comments about the woman's appearance and sexual orientation.

Though the company settled the claim, it denies that it exhibited discrimination towards the woman and does not admit to any harassment or retaliation towards the employee. According to settlement documents, the company is required to donate $20,000 to an LGBT advocacy group. Additionally, the company has agreed to develop a training program devoted to gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual workplace issues.

When faced with employment discrimination, employees can consult with a lawyer to find out more about their rights, as well as their best legal options. By consulting with an attorney, workers may be able obtain the justice they deserve when their rights are violated.  A California lawyer can best advise an employee on the potential legal paths specific to that particular state.

Source:, "EEOC: Landmark sex discrimination lawsuit settled", June 29, 2016

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