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Former drummer sues Eddie Money for wrongful termination

When most people think about the parties involved in employment litigation, the image that typically comes to mind is of an employee battling against a large corporation. However, an employee/employer relationship can exist on a much smaller scale, and can even be present between entities in a rock band. Recently in California, a former drummer has brought a wrongful termination suit against rocker Eddie Money.

According to the suit, the drummer claims that he was terminated from the band due to his age and also his physical disabilities that stemmed from a back injury and bladder cancer. He also claims that he dealt with harassment and ridicule during concerts because he suffered urinary incontinence. Specifically, Money told a crowd that their tour was sponsored by the adult diaper brand Depends.

After filing the initial claim, the former drummer added an additional argument to the suit. He now says that Money inflicted emotional stress by sexually harassing the claimant's fiancée. According to the suit, continuous harassment and blatant sexual innuendos culminated in an incident where Money performed a lewd act in front of her at a private party.

Though the high life of rock n' roll stars may seem removed from the rest of the workforce, the situations they face can be similar to those faced by many other workers. Those in California who face wrongful termination or discrimination in the workplace could benefit from seeking the advice of an attorney who is experienced in employment law. Attorneys who focus in this area can be the best source of information as to the state and national laws that can ensure an equitable work environment for all employees.

Source:, "Eddie Money Accused of Sexual Harassment in Former Drummer's Wrongful Termination Lawsuit", Jeff Giles, June 2, 2016

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