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After strike, Verizon employment contracts will greatly improve

Labor union disputes have become rarer in recent years, but a recent strike by Verizon telecommunications workers has ended in favor of its employees. Due to solidarity on the picket line, workers have emerged with significantly better employment contracts. As it is a national firm, the victory achieved by workers could be a source of hope for workers in California and other areas of the country.

According to a recent article, workers banded together to wage one of the largest strikes in recent history. Around 13 million employees in the northeast will be positively affected due to the negotiations that took place during the strike. Union leaders believe that the action accomplished two things. First, it improved worker's employment agreements significantly. Secondly, it sent a message of what can happen when employees stand together and demand reasonable and sustainable concessions from a large corporation.

The main things that workers sought in the strike were competitive wages, better retirement benefits and excellent healthcare options. They also were looking for more flexibility with regards to their working conditions. New 4-year contracts were ratified by those involved in the strike, and they included significant boosts to the current contracts in place.

Many in California and throughout the country may be facing similar workplace issues. Employment contracts can be changed as workers' conditions evolve. Those facing similar concerns may benefit from discussing their unique situations with an attorney who practices employment law litigation. This type of attorney can be the best starting point in discussions about ways to improve compensation and working conditions.

Source: Montclair, Nj. Patch., "Verizon Strike: Epic Labor Standoff Ends, But What About The Future?", Eric Kiefer, June 22, 2016

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