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Class action employment lawsuits against Uber settled

Many California residents make their living driving for Uber. Some of them might be part of one of the two class action lawsuits filed against the ride-hailing company regarding the employment status of its drivers. Since both cases recently settled, they might receive a portion of the approximately $100 million the company has agreed to pay in order to avoid any changes in its current business model, which regards drivers as contractors and not employees.

Woman claims wrongful termination was retaliation

Nearly every place of business here in California and elsewhere has a dress code. When an employee does not adhere to it, disciplinary action can be taken. Ordinarily, that could mean being written up or sent home to change. However, one woman claims that she was the victim of wrongful termination because she wore leggings to work. She alleges that her firing was in retaliation for deciding to run against her boss for the position of county clerk.

Preserving employee rights in discrimination and harassment cases

Every employer in California is required to establish policies and procedures dealing with discrimination and harassment. Simply having them on paper, however, is not enough when an employee has an issue with a co-worker, supervisor or manager. If the company does not handle the matter to the employee's satisfaction, he or she can then take steps to preserve the employee rights granted by both the federal government and the state of California.

Wrongful termination claim filed in aftermath of injury

Nearly every worker in California understands that there are risks in every industry. If they are injured on the job, they expect that their employers will do what it takes to assist with medical costs, lost income and time off for recovery. When employers fail to fulfill their obligations to employees under state workers' compensation laws and/or federal laws such as the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), a wrongful termination claim and other actions could be the result.

Employment discrimination claim settled by retailer

There are still industries across the country and here in California that are dominated by men. However, the companies in these industries are required to give female applicants the same consideration as it would males. When it comes to the hiring process, gender is not supposed to be a factor. Otherwise, it could be considered employment discrimination.

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