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Male nurse makes discrimination and wrongful termination claim

California medical professionals enjoy the same protections as workers in other industries do when it comes to discrimination, harassment and termination. When a medical professional makes a complaint about being the victim of such behavior from peers or supervisors, hospitals and clinics are required to take certain steps in accordance with the facility's policies and procedures, as well as the law. If that does not happen, a discrimination, harassment and/or wrongful termination claim could be filed.

This is what a male nursing assistant on the East Coast did. He is an African-American, and he alleges that he was harassed because of his race and then terminated. He says that someone hung a noose in the area where he worked. In addition, people would often joke about how if he was in the woods, he would be mistaken for a bear and shot because of his appearance as a large, black man. Neither his supervisors nor the hospital's administration took down the offensive noose for weeks after it was discovered.

In fact, he claims that the hospital, which is located in Vermont, refused to investigate the incident. The man was employed at the hospital for approximately five years. During that time, he received "glowing" reviews and was praised by nearly all of his supervisors and co-workers.

Then, soon after the noose appeared, the nursing assistant was accused of threatening two white women who worked at the hospital. He says the claims were unsubstantiated and an investigation bore that out. Regardless, three weeks later he was fired.

He then filed a discrimination and wrongful termination claim against the hospital. As it would be here in California, the court will have to determine the veracity of his statements. If it is ruled that he was discriminated against and wrongfully terminated, he could be awarded the damages he seeks.

Source:, "Rutland hospital worker alleges racial harassment", Dan D'Ambrosio, March 18, 2016

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