March 2016 Archives

Male nurse makes discrimination and wrongful termination claim

California medical professionals enjoy the same protections as workers in other industries do when it comes to discrimination, harassment and termination. When a medical professional makes a complaint about being the victim of such behavior from peers or supervisors, hospitals and clinics are required to take certain steps in accordance with the facility's policies and procedures, as well as the law. If that does not happen, a discrimination, harassment and/or wrongful termination claim could be filed.

Employment discrimination claims filed re sexual orientation

In recent years, there has been significant advancement regarding the recognition of the marital rights of those in the LGBT community here in California and across the country. Now, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is fighting for the civil rights of gay and lesbian workers who are victims of employment discrimination. The EEOC recently filed two claims in separate states in the mid-Atlantic against companies who, it believes, discriminated against employees based on their sexual orientation.

Zillow faces class-action lawsuit for non-payment of overtime

It is not uncommon for California businesses to face busy periods that may require employees to work some extra hours. However, if any of these hours should result in overtime, they should be paid as such and failure to do so may rightfully result in payment disputes by shortchanged employees. Popular real estate website Zillow has been accused by one of its employees of not paying overtime and other labor violations.

Disabled woman alleges she suffered a wrongful termination

Some employers in California and elsewhere may try to find ways to pressure or otherwise create adverse working conditions to force disabled employees to quit or create situations that will allow for their terminations. An out-of-state woman claims that she lost her job because of her disability and is seeking to right the wrongs against her. She has filed her wrongful termination complaint against her former employer in a federal court.

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