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Worker alleges a wrongful termination for not falsifying reports

It can be a difficult situation when employees are asked to do something that is unethical and, when they refuse, they are retaliated against. A former city employee outside California claims that she lost her job because she would not alter a budget report with incorrect information. She has filed a wrongful termination claim against the city, its assistant manager and the director of human resources in a federal court.

According to the complaint, the fiscal operations manager was asked by her to superior to adjust the numbers on the budget for the Department of Cultural Affairs. These numbers were to allegedly support other falsified information. The plaintiff purportedly told her supervisor that she would only give her the numbers that were accurate.

The plaintiff asserts that she was told that she was being too honest with the numbers, but being reprimanded did not cause her to change her mind. The 14-year employee allegedly provided an accurate report, but she was then told to make another version of the budget with the assistance of a co-worker. She claims that she again refused and also would not comply with other dishonest accounting requests.

After the plaintiff reported the situation, she claims that city investigated the matter only to terminate her. She claims she tried multiple times to get her job back, but she was unsuccessful. Her wrongful termination lawsuit against the defendants accuses them of violating Florida's Whistle-blower's Act and retaliating against her. California employees in similar situations do not have to accept being fired because they chose to do what they believe is right, and they can pursue legal remedies to right the wrongs against them.

Source:, "Fired employee sues Miramar", Brian Ballou, Dec. 30, 2015

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