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Marriott accused of wrongful termination and FMLA violations

Californians may choose the Marriott when they are in need of a comfortable stay during their travels. According to a recent complaint in federal court, a former Marriott International Inc. employee was not treated as hospitably as the guests. His complaint against the hotel leader accused it of wrongful termination and violating his rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

The plaintiff was a loss prevention officer who started working for the hotel chain in 2011. He claims that, during his tenure, he performed at his employer's level of expectation or higher. After being with the company for close to four years he was allegedly making around $12.21 per hour.

The man's 12-year-old son apparently required constant care due to certain intellectual disabilities and behavioral conditions. The boy reportedly lives with his stepmother who had him under constant supervision. The plaintiff claims his son also needs to go weekly for treatment and counseling. For these reasons, the plaintiff purportedly asked for a leave to tend to his child.

He claims that he was not told of his eligibility under the Family and Medical Leave Act, nor was he given documentation so that he could apply for a leave. The plaintiff alleges he was fired for harassing a co-worker -- which he says is not true -- and was not given any type of warning beforehand. Apparently, the plaintiff was the only employee at his hotel location who was fired for wanting to take advantage of his FMLA benefit. Similarly situated Californians must be informed of their eligibility and rights under the FMLA. Aggrieved workers who believe that they suffered a wrongful termination for using or inquiring about their FMLA eligibility have every right to discuss their options with an employment law attorney. 

Source:, "Man accuses Marriott of wrongful termination, violating FMLA", Kyla Asbury, Jan. 25, 2016

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