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Detective agency may owe payment of nearly $1M to employees

The Case Detective Agency in California is being accused of violating several wage and hour laws. One of the former security guards has filed a class-action lawsuit against the company, claiming that the company sometimes offered him payment in cash. Additionally, he asserts he was missing out on overtime and did not receive appropriate pay documentation. The case against the agency has been filed in a Superior Court.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff worked for the agency as an hourly employee for approximately seven months. During that time, he claims that he was denied his 30-minute meal period when he worked more than five hours, which is required according to the California Labor Code. He further alleges that when he had business expenses, the company did not reimburse him.

The plaintiff alleges that his employer did not keep payroll records, and he was required to figure out the number of hours he worked himself. He asserts that most of the time he was offered payment in cash. Because the company apparently did not keep time records, he did not get paid on time for the work he had done.

The class-action lawsuit could involve 75 to over 100 past and present hourly, non-exempt California employees who worked for the agency over the last four years. The lawsuit is seeking close to $1 million in damages for violating the wage and hour laws. This includes unpaid wages, overtime and payment for any business expenses that were not reimbursed. The defendant agency did not respond to any comment requests.

Source:, "Ex-Employee Files Class-Action Lawsuit Against Santa Barbara Detective Agency", Gina Potthoff, Jan. 14, 2016

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