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Marriott accused of wrongful termination and FMLA violations

Californians may choose the Marriott when they are in need of a comfortable stay during their travels. According to a recent complaint in federal court, a former Marriott International Inc. employee was not treated as hospitably as the guests. His complaint against the hotel leader accused it of wrongful termination and violating his rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Funeral home attendant seeks payment for unpaid overtime

One of the main responsibilities of California businesses is to ensure that their employees are compensated properly. Even though it can become expensive, workers who are required to work overtime should receive proper payment. Companies that try to cut payroll costs by engaging in wage theft should not be surprised if their workers sue them for any unpaid wages. Recently an out-of-state man faced a similar issue and filed a lawsuit against his employer in a federal court.

Detective agency may owe payment of nearly $1M to employees

The Case Detective Agency in California is being accused of violating several wage and hour laws. One of the former security guards has filed a class-action lawsuit against the company, claiming that the company sometimes offered him payment in cash. Additionally, he asserts he was missing out on overtime and did not receive appropriate pay documentation. The case against the agency has been filed in a Superior Court.

Ex-college director sues for age-based employment discrimination

Having a good work ethic and great performance reviews will usually increase the chances for California individuals to be promoted. To have that type of praise, the employees must work hard and sometimes make long-term sacrifices to get the promotions that they desire. Those dreams can be crushed when the employees who have worked so hard to get ahead miss out on an opportunity they feel they deserve because of unlawful practices such as employment discrimination. A woman from another state claims that she has felt the pain of discrimination and has taken her case against her employer to a federal court.

Worker alleges a wrongful termination for not falsifying reports

It can be a difficult situation when employees are asked to do something that is unethical and, when they refuse, they are retaliated against. A former city employee outside California claims that she lost her job because she would not alter a budget report with incorrect information. She has filed a wrongful termination claim against the city, its assistant manager and the director of human resources in a federal court.

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