Woman claims wrongful termination for not learning Scientology

Although the study of Scientology may be popular among stars like John Travolta and Tom Cruise, it is certainly not for everyone. A former employee of Lusida Rubber Products Inc. in California claims that her refusal to study Scientology on the job resulted in a wrongful termination. She is hoping that her claim will prevent the company executives from forcing their beliefs onto other workers in the future.

The plaintiff worked for Lusida as a customer service representative for a month before the company executives started making changes. She alleges that during work hours, she was allegedly forced to attend and be active in a 30 minute class that was based on the Church of Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard's teachings. The classes were initially held three times a week, but about three months after they started, the frequency increased to classes being held nearly every day.

The woman claims that she did not have a choice but to participate in the classes, and everyone was to do to it despite their own religious beliefs. She told the executives that these teachings were against her religion and she did not want to take them, but her complaints were disregarded. It was even implied that if she did not attend, she could lose her job.

Ultimately, the California woman was fired for unsatisfactory performance reviews, which she believes is rooted in religious discrimination. She claims other workers who complained were also fired and were replaced with employees who were part of the Church of Scientology. The results of her wrongful termination and discrimination lawsuit are yet to be determined.

Source: patch.com, "Arcadia Woman Allegedly Fired For Not Studying Scientology", Mirna Alfonso, Dec. 9, 2015

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