Transgender worker accuses Sanford of employment discrimination

A former employee for Sanford Health -- with locations in California -- claims that she mistreated because she was transgender. She has since filed a claim against the facility alleging employment discrimination. The plaintiff began taking hormones to begin the transition to being a woman in 2013. A year later, she began working for Sanford.

When the plaintiff was first hired, she was presenting as a male. A few months later, she informed her employer that she would begin presenting as a woman. Because she had gone through therapy and was taking on a female persona, the plaintiff asked to have access to the woman's locker room.

The plaintiff was allegedly denied access to the woman's locker room, but she continued asking management. On two other occasions, she asked for access and was purportedly refused both times. One of her superiors allegedly sent out a mass email to all of the other employees expressing irritation about the plaintiff wanting to be treated the same as a female.

The woman called facility management to express her feelings about the disparate treatment, but she was apparently told that it was going to take time for things to start to change. After battling to be seen as a woman to no avail, the plaintiff eventually left her position. A spokesmen for Sanford said that the hospital has zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind and will defend itself in court against the employment discrimination allegations. California workers have the right to retain the services of legal representation to discuss any discrimination allegations and help them determine the next best course of action.

Source:, "Transgender ex-employee sues Sanford hospital for discrimination", Archie Ingersoll, Dec. 2, 2015

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