December 2015 Archives

Ferrara accused of employment discrimination against minorities

Candy lovers in California may be familiar with popular candies such as Red Hots and Lemonheads that are produced by Ferrara Candy Company. The candy producer is being accused of employment discrimination along with two temporary staffing agencies. All three companies have recently agreed to settle the class action lawsuit against them.

Woman claims wrongful termination for not learning Scientology

Although the study of Scientology may be popular among stars like John Travolta and Tom Cruise, it is certainly not for everyone. A former employee of Lusida Rubber Products Inc. in California claims that her refusal to study Scientology on the job resulted in a wrongful termination. She is hoping that her claim will prevent the company executives from forcing their beliefs onto other workers in the future.

Former USC head coach accuses school of a wrongful termination

Steve Sarkisian, former football head coach of the University of Southern California, has filed a lawsuit against the school. He alleges that when he was having a difficult time in his life, the school did not try to assist him and fired him instead. Sarkisian believes that his wrongful termination was based on disability discrimination because he was suffering with alcoholism and was not given assistance.

Transgender worker accuses Sanford of employment discrimination

A former employee for Sanford Health -- with locations in California -- claims that she mistreated because she was transgender. She has since filed a claim against the facility alleging employment discrimination. The plaintiff began taking hormones to begin the transition to being a woman in 2013. A year later, she began working for Sanford.

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