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Regarding wrongful termination issues in California

There are workers in California who have experienced employer actions in the workplace that might be considered wrongful under the law. Employees will be relieved to know that there is legal help available for those who suffered from wrongful termination or other unlawful business practices in the workplace. A first logical step to take in such circumstances would be to contact an experienced employment law attorney in the area.

The Law Offices of Louis Spitters are dedicated to helping workers who have been the victims of unfair employment practices in California. Depending upon the circumstances of your individual situation, the damages and resolutions to your dispute may vary. Timing is typically crucial when it comes to filing a complaint with regard to wrongful termination or other employer discrimination in the workplace.

Therefore, it is advisable to schedule a legal consultation as soon as possible so that your attorney can immediately investigate the claim and take steps to protect your rights. Whether your situation involves a reduction in forces, a discriminatory firing or issues surrounding the closing of a business, we are prepared to guide you through the legal process in order to obtain justice. We can help you document all details regarding employer retaliation, violations of public policy and/or other unlawful employment actions.

Under certain circumstances, Texas workers are sometimes able to obtain a reinstatement of employment. Injunctions against employers are also possible in some situations. An attorney from the Law Offices of Louis Spitters would be able to answer your questions and discuss these matters in detail in order to determine all options available to you and how best to proceed in seeking a resolution to your wrongful termination dispute.

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