November 2015 Archives

Former Yoga Studio employee files a wrongful termination lawsuit

After refusing to comply with an alleged unscrupulous scheme to steal money from clients, a former teacher-recruiter for a California Bikram Yoga studio claims she was fired. The plaintiff also believes that she faced adverse employment actions because she became pregnant. She has filed a claim against the firm and its owner in a Superior Court for wrongful termination.

Payment dispute results in California faculty filing labor charge

Students and faculty members from California State University launched a public rally in relation to a current labor charge that has been filed against management. The payment dispute alleges unfair labor practices and is the central focus of the current battle between Cal State faculty members and their employers.  The action has been taken in response to a deadlock that has been in place since June 2015 regarding increased wages.

Woman accuses LAUSD of employment discrimination and harassment

Harassment can turn an otherwise pleasant environment into a nightmare, causing employees to dread going to work. A former employee of the Los Angeles Unified School District in California claims that she could no longer tolerate the employment discrimination she was facing on the job. After being subjected to the abuse for too long, she alleges that she felt forced to leave the job she loved for her own safety.

Regarding wrongful termination issues in California

There are workers in California who have experienced employer actions in the workplace that might be considered wrongful under the law. Employees will be relieved to know that there is legal help available for those who suffered from wrongful termination or other unlawful business practices in the workplace. A first logical step to take in such circumstances would be to contact an experienced employment law attorney in the area.

Wrongful termination blamed on retaliation for assault report

California employees can lose their jobs for many reasons, many of which are legitimate, such as workforce reductions or business closures. However, it is not uncommon for employees to be dismissed for unlawful reasons that lead to wrongful termination claims. Victims of illegal employment practices may have viable claims against employers.

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