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Man says his wrongful termination was for being a whistleblower

When California workers are fired, oftentimes their stories will differ from what their employers say happened. This is especially true when the employees are whistleblowers and uncover things that their companies may want to keep hidden. It is this disconnect that prompts employees to file wrongful termination lawsuits to set their stories straight.

A former clerk for another state claims that the county fired him after he exposed a check cashing scheme. When he first became aware of the suspected activity, he alleges he reported the situation to his supervisor. Fully expecting her to take action. The plaintiff was surprised when he was told to disregard the text messages about the crime and just ignore the situation.

The plaintiff also had mentioned to his superior that he intended to become a county clerk. After he made his intentions known, he claims that things began to change, and the other employees were allegedly told not to talk to him. Furthermore, the plaintiff was purported unable to log onto his work computer and was asked to become part of the illegal activity. This was when the plaintiff decided to contact law enforcement about the situation.

Shortly after the authorities were notified, the plaintiff was fired. His superior contends that his termination had nothing to do with him blowing the whistle, but she did not reveal the county's reasoning. It takes courage for California employees to reveal suspected illegal wrongdoing that goes on behind closed doors. Workers who lose their jobs for becoming whistleblowers may consider consulting with professionals knowledgeable in employment law about filing wrongful termination claims.

Source:, "Dona Ana County whistleblower files wrongful termination lawsuit", Jamie Warren, Aug. 25, 2015

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