September 2015 Archives

Nurse wins $3M for her wrongful termination claim

When California individuals take their families to the hospital, they expect they will receive all of the quality care that they need. Many hospital workers put their patients first and do everything that they can to provide them with the best care. A woman who worked as a nurse for a medical center in another state alleges that she was the victim of wrongful termination because she refused to rush patient care.

$50M class-action lawsuit filed for non-payment of overtime

Many California readers who enjoy beer may think that being a distributor would be a fun job. A group of drivers from another state claim that their job was far from entertaining and, many times, unprofitable. They allege that they were the victims of wage theft and have turned to the law to help them get the payment that they believe they are owed.

Roscoe's pays out $1.6M for an employment discrimination lawsuit

Although the law clearly defines what is considered discrimination, it apparently does not seem to stop some businesses from engaging in the illegal activity. Roscoe's House of Chicken 'n Waffles in California, a soul food institution, has recently been accused by a former employee of employment discrimination. The popular business is frequented by celebrities and even the president.

Man says his wrongful termination was for being a whistleblower

When California workers are fired, oftentimes their stories will differ from what their employers say happened. This is especially true when the employees are whistleblowers and uncover things that their companies may want to keep hidden. It is this disconnect that prompts employees to file wrongful termination lawsuits to set their stories straight.

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