August 2015 Archives

Man wins employment discrimination claim over electronic scanner

Technology can be a wonderful thing, and it continues to advance how things are done in the California workplace all the time. Sometimes innovation can also be offensive to people's religious beliefs. A former employee for Consol Energy Inc. in another state is accusing the company of employment discrimination because of his religious beliefs.

Can a Facebook post cause a wrongful termination?

Millions of people use the Internet to communicate with their friends and family each day. One of the most popular social networking sites for people in California and across the country is Facebook. Even though the First Amendment grants people freedom of speech, it does not prevent employers from checking in on what their workers are writing. A police officer from another state claims that a post that he wrote led to his wrongful termination.

Interns wage a payment dispute against the Olsen twins

Many California readers may be familiar with the Olsen twins from watching them on television when they were young. Now as adults, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have since opened their own manufacturing and licensing business, DualStar Entertainment Group. A class-action lawsuit has been filed against the twins by current and former interns who are waging a payment dispute in a state Supreme court.

Uber drivers file an employment dispute claim over classification

Uber -- a ride hailing service that connects passengers and drivers via smartphone -- may be on the brink of a class action lawsuit. A U.S. District Court judge is still evaluating all of the facts surrounding a case that was commenced by three of Uber's drivers. The California-based company may not only have the plaintiffs to deal with, but also potentially over 160,000 other drivers if the employment dispute claim is granted class action status.

Man files an employment discrimination claim after losing his job

Many California readers may enjoy treats from local bakeries and cafes, but sometimes behind the scenes, the environment is not as sweet. A man, who happens to be black, worked for a cupcake shop in another state and claims that he was harassed and retaliated against because he spoke out about discriminatory behavior. He has since filed an employment discrimination claim to try to right the wrongs against him.

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