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Over 12,000 Apple workers seek payment for security checks

A group of past Apple employees have asked a judge to add over 12,000 more plaintiffs to their federal claim. These workers seek payment for the time that they spent being searched each day at the end of their shift and during their meal periods. The proposed class of additional plaintiffs would come from 52 Apple stores located throughout California.

According to the complaint, Apple workers must have company-required cards detailing the serial numbers of the Apple devices that they should be carrying. At the end of their shifts, their managers are to compare the numbers on the cards to the devices to be sure that they match. Apparently, the bags of workers are also searched.

One worker apparently wrote an email to the CEO of Apple, explaining the effect that the daily searches were having on all of the employees. His email stated that the searches belittled the workers and that there was no point in doing them. He indicated that if someone was going to steal, a worker would certainly would not try to smuggle something out in a bag that would knowingly be searched, nor would a worker try to get past security with devices and numbers that do not match.

In 2014, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that, under federal law, employees are not entitled payment for the time that is spent during security searches. The ex employees of Apple have sued under California law in an effort to sidestep the ruling of the high court. If the workers are successful, it could add up to a significant judgment based of the number of proposed plaintiffs. Some estimates are that the figure could amount to as much as $75 million if the California court agrees to add the additional plaintiffs and the claim is sustained.

Source:, "Apple Inc. Could Face Class Action Lawsuit From Workers Over Security Searches", Ariel M.Scott, July 2, 2015

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