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Former nurse claims wrongful termination

When a person is fired for an illegitimate reason in California, this may end up destroying the person's reputation and future career opportunities. One woman in another state claims that she was wrongfully terminated by a home care company. The woman, previously a nurse, has therefore filed a wrongful termination claim against her former employer.

In her lawsuit, the woman said the home care business purposely submitted false claims in order to receive payment from Medicare. The claims were reportedly for care that was given to patients who were purported to be homebound even though they were not. The woman said the company also did not get a doctor's signature, and they electronically falsified patient charts and changed service dates.

The woman said she tried to stop these unlawful business practices. She allegedly ended up being unlawfully terminated. The woman is now seeking unspecified damages in her suit.

It is illegal for an employer in California to fire a worker who attempts to disclose to authorities illegal activities repeatedly being committed by the business. When wrongful termination takes place, the employee who was victimized has the right to file a lawsuit against the business. Understanding exactly which facts need to be proven in order to succeed in such a case is likely essential. A case that is fought successfully might lead to remedies such as the reinstatement of a job and even monetary relief. As each case is different, qualified legal counsel might be able to present victims extra options as well as an estimation of their specific cases' outcomes.

Source:, "Home care service company sued for wrongful termination", June 30, 2015

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