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Google applicant accuses company of employment discrimination

The old adage says that if at first you do not succeed, try and try again, but when it comes to jobs, there is a point when California residents may begin to wonder why they are not getting the jobs for which they are applying. A woman applied four times for a job at California-headquartered Google, but she never got the position. She soon began to realize that something may be amiss and filed an employment discrimination claim.

Restaurant accused of non-payment of overtime by ex worker

New and established businesses in California and across the country should all be aware of the Fair Labor Standards Act and how to properly compensate its employees in accordance with state and federal employment laws. Workers who realize that their employers are not paying them correctly may choose to take legal action. A former employee of the Broadway Lights Diner & Cafe alleges that he was victim of wage theft because he was denied his payment of overtime.

Over 12,000 Apple workers seek payment for security checks

A group of past Apple employees have asked a judge to add over 12,000 more plaintiffs to their federal claim. These workers seek payment for the time that they spent being searched each day at the end of their shift and during their meal periods. The proposed class of additional plaintiffs would come from 52 Apple stores located throughout California.

Former nurse claims wrongful termination

When a person is fired for an illegitimate reason in California, this may end up destroying the person's reputation and future career opportunities. One woman in another state claims that she was wrongfully terminated by a home care company. The woman, previously a nurse, has therefore filed a wrongful termination claim against her former employer.

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