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7 former McDonald's workers allege employment discrimination

After many years of service and loyalty, most older employees expect that their work will be appreciated. Seven people who worked for at a McDonald's restaurant in California allege that they lost their jobs due to employment discrimination. The claimants consist of one male and six females who were all over 40 years of age.

Treatment center sued by former employee for wrongful termination

A treatment center for methadone is being sued by a former employee. The man claims that he was the victim of wrongful termination in regards to voicing concerns in regards to how the company was processing Medicaid billing. Most California residents know that wrongful termination is an illegal form of retaliatory discharge. According to the former employee's lawsuit, he believed the billing was for services that were either not properly performed, not completed at all or were not qualified based on federal government requirements to be billed to Medicaid.

Woman wins $555,000 after suffering adverse employment actions

It is not always an easy choice for workers to speak up about situations that could be considered unethical. When California employees blow the whistle on their co-workers or superiors, they should not be subjected to retaliation. A woman who worked for the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District alleges that she was the victim of adverse employment actions, which ultimately led to her early retirement.

Zara accused of employment discrimination by former worker

Many people select the places where they shop based on the companies' values. Shoppers in California and elsewhere may have second thoughts about frequenting international clothier Zara after the latest accusations. The clothing chain was recently under fire for carrying t-shirts that were considered anti-Semitic. Recently, one of its former employees accused the company of employment discrimination because he is homosexual and Jewish.

Janitors may strike if not given payment for overtime and wages

Making ends meet can be difficult during a recession. Workers in California and elsewhere expect that they will be paid appropriately so that they can support their families and pay their bills. When this does not happen, it can bring hardship upon the employees' families. In order to collect payment for the money that they believe to be owed, workers may have to turn to the legal system.

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