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Twitter accused of employment discrimination for its practices

In order to promote fairness in advancement for all employees, most companies have specific guidelines in place. These processes typically detail how workers are promoted and also communicate which internal openings are available in order to allow employees to apply. Disregard for these types of formal procedures could result in California workers becoming victims of employment discrimination.

A woman who worked as an engineer for Twitter, the social media giant, claims she was unfairly denied advancement at the company because of her gender. She worked for Twitter from 2009 to 2014 on the developer productivity and mobile teams. The ex employee alleges she applied for a promotion but was denied despite excellent performance and attendance records. She claims no reason was given for the denial.

She asserts that the company does not have any documented procedures for promoting workers. According to her complaint, the company seems to prefer a secret shoulder tap instead of a formal application process. It is claimed that the secretive approach tends to favor men. After her promotion was turned down, she complained by email to the company CEO; however, she was immediately put on leave while an investigation was conducted. Three months later, she had not heard any status regarding the investigation or a date for her to return to work, prompting her to resign to safeguard her career interests. 

Twitter asserts that company executives attempted to get the plaintiff to remain with the company but that she made chose to resign instead. The company contends that she was treated fairly and that Twitter promotes a diverse work force that dissuades employment discrimination. It is illegal under state and federal laws for California employers to discriminate against workers due to certain protected classifications, including gender. Those who believe that they have been victimized have the right to pursue claims for legal relief through the civil court system.

Source: techcrunch, "Twitter Latest To Face Sex Discrimination Lawsuit", Natasha Lomas, March 22, 2015

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