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Chipotle sued for payment of overtime and regular wages

Most families work paycheck to paycheck trying to make ends meet. To try to stay ahead of mounting bills, many California employees put in additional hours so they can to try to make extra money. It can be a great responsibility for managers to adhere to payroll budgets in order to stay on target. However, this should never be done by withholding payment from employees for all of the hours that they work.

A group of 13 workers employed by Chipotle are claiming that the eatery did not pay them for all of the hours that they worked. According to the plaintiffs, the company was in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act because employees were instructed to work even when they were not punched in on the clock. This forced them to miss out on overtime and regular wages that they believe were owed.

According to the complaint, the burrito chain managers were encouraged to get employees to work off-the-clock. If the managers adhered to the labor budget, they were rewarded but were punished if they failed. The plaintiffs claim that it is a verbal policy that the workers should not get paid for all the time that they worked.

The employees who are part of the complaint or in support of the it are from California as well as several other states. If the company is found to have been in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act, it may be ordered by the court to reimburse the plaintiffs payment for the hours that they prove they were owed. Moreover, additional damages may be awarded based upon applicable state and federal laws.

Source:, "Lawsuit alleges Chipotle employees were forced to work without pay", Chuck Hickey, Feb. 12, 2015

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