February 2015 Archives

Chipotle sued for payment of overtime and regular wages

Most families work paycheck to paycheck trying to make ends meet. To try to stay ahead of mounting bills, many California employees put in additional hours so they can to try to make extra money. It can be a great responsibility for managers to adhere to payroll budgets in order to stay on target. However, this should never be done by withholding payment from employees for all of the hours that they work.

Employment discrimination claim gives a near $15 million payout

A total of seven current and former warehouse workers for Matheson Trucking are finally getting some good news. The California-based company is responsible for transporting mail for a variety of companies, such as Federal Express, UPS and the U.S. Postal Service. The company stood accused of employment discrimination and retaliation, and, after a three week court battle, the plaintiffs believe justice was served.

Mariah Carey's ex-nanny files claim for payment of overtime

Working additional hours is a great way to make some extra income, especially if those hours qualify for payment of overtime. Laws in California and at the federal level protect employees under these circumstances. If the workers do not receive proper payment for their efforts, they may turn to the law for help.

Papa John's franchisee accused of non-payment of overtime

Many Americans live pay check to pay check and every extra hour that they work can make a significant difference to their families. When this money is not paid, it can cause the employees to struggle to make ends meet. California workers expect to be given payment for all of the time that they put in working, as well as being compensated for any additional hours that would be paid at an overtime rate. When this does not happen, the employees may be forced to turn to the law for help.

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