Gay employee alleges his wrongful termination was retaliatory

Each day many workers across the country believe that they must suffer in silence when they are subjected to discrimination and other unfair treatment. Others fear backlash for coming forward with information that could potentially put them at odds with their companies. California workers should not fear retaliation for speaking out about illicit behavior, but, sadly, retaliation still occurs even though it is illegal. Some companies remove employees who file justified complaints, and this is called wrongful termination.

While working for Lowe's, a former employee claims that he was subjected to discrimination because of his sexual preference. He also alleges that he lost his job because he testified in a case against the company on behalf of another gay employee. The plaintiff claims that he began to suffer the harassment shortly after he started working for the company, but it dramatically increased after he took part in the court case.

His supervisors and co-workers allegedly made inappropriate remarks toward him about his sexual orientation. He claims that he felt as if tormenting him seemed like a game to them. According to his complaint, he informed human resources about what was happening, but nothing was ever done to stop the behavior. Shortly after he testified, he claims that he was disciplined unnecessarily. He was ultimately fired for allegedly saying things on the sales floor that were considered inappropriate.

Workers who believe that they suffered a wrongful termination due to alleged illegal actions taken by their employers may choose to move forward in filing claims. In successfully presented claims, the California employees may receive lost wages, in addition to other compensation deemed just by the court. They also may be reinstated to their former positions.

Source: USA Today, "Gay ex-Lowe's employee alleges discrimination", Lee Higgins, Jan. 12, 2015

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