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13 flight attendants claim wrongful termination

When people make the decision to fly, they are always concerned about their safety to make sure that they reach their destination. It is also a matter of grave importance to those that work for the airlines. Because they were worried about an imposing threat on a flight from California to Hong Kong, a group of 13 flight attendants for United Airlines claim that they were all subjected to a wrongful termination from employment.

The attendants allege that they refused to work on the flight because they saw graffiti that they believe demonstrated a threat. The words "BYE BYE" were written alongside two faces, one of which was smiling and the other that appeared to be troubled. The markings were written in the oil coating that was on the engines.

According to the complaint, the airline refused to perform a safety inspection and deplane the passengers when the flight attendants became concerned. After the refusal, the attendants refused to perform their duties which forced the flight to be cancelled because there weren't enough people to work. United Airlines then fired all of the flight attendants for insubordination. One of the flight attendants commented that they would not allow United to put the lives of the crew and passengers in danger and that they were well aware that they could lose their jobs.

The suit claims that the company violated the Wendell H. Ford Aviation Investment and Reform Act for the 21st Century,and the flight attendants are looking to be returned to work and receive their lost wages and related monetary damages. Workers in California who believe that they may be victims of a wrongful termination can file claims against their employers if speaking to them first fails to remedy the situation. The employees may be awarded lost wages and any other related financial losses. Claimants may also be reinstated to their former positions, based upon the underlying circumstances.


Source: MarketWatch, "Fired United Airlines flight attendants say they were spooked by this message", Trey Williams, Jan. 7, 2015

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